Here is the pattern for this DIY piano pouch:


The pattern above is for the piano pouch front only. It measures 4 x 7 inches. The black keys measure .75 x 2.5 inches. For the back portion, you will need plain fabric (black or white, it’s up to you) that measures 4 x 7 inches as well. The lining (two pieces) calls for fabrics of the same dimensions as well.

Other materials/tools that you will need: zipper (8 inches), black thread, sewing machine, scissors


1. The black ones are the lining and back pieces while the white one is for the front. Don’t forget the .5-inch allowance around all pieces.

2. For the front, you will want to draw light lines on the right side of your fabric. These white lines (1 inch apart) mark the divisions between the white keys. You will sew over them. Use black pen.

3. Cut 5 black keys, with allowance all around.

4. Crank your sewing machine to the multiple line stitch type.


5. Sew along the pen marks you drew.

6. Make light pen marks 2.5 inches from the side on lines 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6. This is your guideline for positioning the black keys.

7. Take your black keys and fold 3 allowances (two long and one short) under. Pin on top of your white keys following the order above.

8. Sew. At this point, use the normal sewing machine stitch. The multiple lines are only for sewing the divisions of the white keys.


9. Take one of your lining pieces and position the zipper along the top. Both wrong sides of the lining and zipper should be facing down.

10. Take the front of the pouch and lay on top of the lining and zipper you pinned together. The front’s right side should be facing down.

11 & 12. Sew along the stitchline using a zipper foot. For the next steps, follow 5 to 13 of THIS POUCH TUTORIAL. Minus the hand strap part, of course.

After you sew the allowance shut, you’ll have made this:


Perfect for pens and pencils, makeup, a mobile phone, and of course, a music player.

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