1. Guitar Bag by Bored & Crafty
  2. Simple Backpack tutorial by All About You
  3. Multi-pocket Urban Tote by Bag’n-tell
  4. Camera Bag tutorial by Blue Lace House
  5. Sling on Soule Mama
  6. Mesh Beach Bag Tote by Between The Lines
  7. She Carries Flowers bag tutorial by Tea Rose Home
  8. Madeleine Bag by imagine gnats
  9. Braided Belt Messenger Bag Tutorial by Cold Hands Warm Heart Crafts
  10. Faux Leather Handbag by Sew4home



  1. Oval Messenger Bag by The Stitching Scientist
  2. Notebook Canvas Tote by Say Yes
  3. Tote with Zip Pouch by Cloud 9
  4. Wood Handle Handbag by The Mother Huddle
  5. Flying Geese Tote by Sew Can She
  6. The 20 Minute Tote by The Purl Bee
  7. Mesh Beach Tote by Patchwork Posse
  8. Satchel tutorial by ikatbag
  9. Oilcloth Grocery Tote by The Purl Bee
  10. Oilcloth Pool Tote by Sewbon for Sew Mama Sew



  1. Pleated Pouch by A Lemon Squeezy Home
  2. Back To School Laptop Bag by How Joyful for Sew Mama Sew
  3. Little Betty Bag by The Mother Huddle
  4. Indie Project Bag by Very Shannon
  5. Basic Messenger Bag by Mmmcrafts
  6. For Pleat’s Sake Tote by U-handbag
  7. Too Much Woman for a Purse by sew a straight line
  8. Sling Bag by Crap I’ve Made
  9. Leather Purse by I Am Momma Hear Me Roar
  10. Phoebe Bag by ArtsyCraftyBabe



  1. Origami Bento Bag by Very Shannon
  2. The Grandview Bag by The Boy Trifecta
  3. Messenger Bag by OCD
  4. The Weekender by Weekend Designer
  5. Brookfield Bag by Sew Sweetness
  6. Urban Jungle Bag by Sew Sweetness
  7. Frou Frou Bag by Sew Sweetness
  8. Naughty Secretary Bag by Sew Sweetness
  9. Pleated, lined handbag by Warehouse Fabrics Inc.
  10. Convertible Clutch by Sew Sweetness
40 Free Bag Patterns